Interior Hardware Design & Fabrication

Hi, I'm Debra Shire, founder and designer-fabricator of Shire Design.  My passion is combing metal and wood to create beautiful and functional interior hardware that is customized to fit your design needs.

The child of an artist-teacher and a housebuilder, I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana.  I majored in journalism at the University of Montana and worked as a freelance journalist and in the financial sector for 204 years (more or less).  Eventually landing in Southern California, I returned to college, earning an accounting degree in 2015.

I started Shire Design in 2011 - my bathroom towel bar fell off the wall.  Frustrated with the generic, one-size-fits-all, towel holder selection at the local hardware store, I purchased dowel, iron flanges, copper elbows and fashioned an industrial towel bar...

Today, Shire Design creates interior hardware to suit your unique design needs - fabricated to aesthetically and functionally fit your space.  Each piece is made by hand to create specific solutions that reflect your style and personality.

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